• Indian Giver

    Short film: A comedic tale of dead-beat fathers.


    Documentary: Performance Artist Adrian Stimson digs legendary Blackfoot symbol.

  • The Black Wolf

    Documentary: A former alcoholics three close encounters with death

  • Language Preservation

    Broadcast: Residential School Survivor develops add to perserve language.

  • The Cowboy Singer

    Video Profile: Cowboy, Country Singer, Husband, Father, Blackfoot

  • Siksika Strong

    Documentary: A disaster that seemingly happened over night left hundreds homeless.

  • Siksika Strong Part II

    Documentary: Resilient journey of the Siksika people as they rebuild their lives

  • The Old Way

    Documentary: The story about three "Indian Cowboys" and their strong roots.



Now you see me

Made In Siksika

Man's Bestfriend

Battle within

Concrete Jungle

Ring bearer


Writing Samples

You will find most of my published work on The Calgary Journal, Siksika Aitsiniki and Albera Sweetgrass. Majority of my stories revolved around indigenous issues and social justice matters. Here are a few of my writing samples.


More writing samples

As an Indigenous media maker it's my responsilbity to tell our stories. A mentor of mine, Cowboy Smithx, once told me, " you have to put yourself in as many moccasins as possible." I take great pride in taking the time to understand a story and gurantee that it's being told to it's out most potenial.

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Trevor Solway is Blackfoot from Siksika Nation located east of Calgary. His Blackfoot name is Sinakson, which translates to Writer; the name was his great, great grandfather’s name, Samuel Solway. Trevor comes from a long line of ranchers and spent most of his childhood on his grandparents ranch. Going against the grains he decided to pursue a career in the media field.

Trevor Solway
Creative Director

Kelsey is a graduate of Mount Royal University's Bachelor of Communications program.

Kelsey Solway

Adam is a graduate of SAIT's Film and Video Production Diploma Program

Adam Solway

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